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5 ways to help your brand gain authority through Podcast

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By Clara Lincy | Articles | February 7, 2018

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.” Well, that’s certainly true. Digitization is certainly affecting everybody around us in a million different ways. Podcast a unifying feature among the many innovations, is shaping the world in its own way. Consumers today are tuning in to this approach of podcasts while marketers are to create a genuine relationship with them. There has never been a better time to embrace podcasting for business growth.

The number of podcasts producing every year is increasing for the very reason that there is increasing number of audience who are embracing and making it more effective for your product or service. The sound of the Human Voice can be more effective than anything else. So much so that it can outperform any machines designed for the same purpose.
When it comes to content marketing, there are several ways through which a business can engage with their audience, but podcasting can be one of the most intimate yet effective forms as a marketing channel.

As of 2017, more than 69 million Americans were used to listening to Podcast on a monthly basis. The popularity that the podcasts share is massive, and it’s a great form to boost your marketing engagement. Here are some of the 5 ways to help your brand gain authority through Podcast.

1.Consistency is the first step: Podcasting can be a great investment when it’s done right. It’s the most compelling ways to build a name for your brand and yourself. Being consistent helps you in many different ways from accessing your work while managing a particular method that can work for you. It can help you to determine how to execute in a certain amount of time.
Along with planning your show frequency, it’s also necessary for you to be consistent with the news or a message that you want to share.
Tip: Do a few trial runs, create a couple of test shows to get a time baseline and decide which day works for you. Above all, stick to a schedule once you have decided for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

2. Creating Name Recognition and Awareness: Podcasts are the best ways to reach out to your audience quickly. It’s one form to get your message out to the right set of listeners for you to convince and encourage them to sign up. One way to create awareness is through successful promotion of your podcast by identifying your cause. Perhaps that helps you understand what you want to share with your audience or the public.
Tip: Make use of referral programs, users will be glad to spread the news about your product or service when there is an added perk, and that will, in turn, increase your brand’s recognition and awareness.

3.Create content that can attract the audience: Great content plays a major role in attracting your definite audience. Whether it is in blog posts, webinars, newsletters, articles, videos, white papers, e-books or podcasts, content is always a king. Podcasts are certainly to tell you great stories, and stories about your business are sure to fetch you with great results regarding sales and revenue.
However, every business is different, and it’s important to understand which form of content marketing will best suit your business. Today, we see a lot of businesses using podcasts as one of their strengths and strategies as they seem to be practical and result oriented.
Tip: Podcasts are the growing medium, they sure are the way with words. They come with huge potential, so make sure that they are structured around the oral traditions of either storytelling or conversation.

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4.Focus on promoting your Podcast: There are dozen different ways to promote your podcasts, and social media is one among the many. We are lucky to have social media sites that do amazing in brand promotion. As a beginner, ensure that your website and social media sites are properly backlinked. Also, utilize the opportunity to mention about Twitter, Facebook company website details during your podcast. This essentially drives more traffic and generates more listeners, subscribers, revenue while growing your audience with viral sharing.
Tip: Promote your podcasts everywhere, this means submitting your RSS feeds to podcast directories like iTunes Store, Zune Marketplace, BlackBerry Podcast, Miro Guide, DoubleTwist, Stitcher, BluBrry.

5. Reach out to other podcasters: This may seem to get involved in the competition, but it is greatly needed. It’s an incredible method to build an audience, gain authority with your niche, and win the trust of other audiences who are similar to yours. It also means building a partnership by showing the world that you are collaborative. Having great minds in the same room always helps which almost brings the sense of personal evolution.
Tip: Invite guests on to your podcasts and gain opportunities to learn that come from hearing to what your fellow podcasters are talking about, and with such masterminds, you may even get great ideas by listening to their podcasts.


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