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5 Ways to Grow Social Media Audience for Your Startup

Tips to Grow social media audience

By Clara Lincy | Articles | May 23, 2017

Apart from being the voice of your brand, social media channels make it easier for businesses to be more accessible to new customers and familiar and recognizable for present customers. Each post made on social media platform gives marketers the opportunity to connect with a wider audience, win their trust and convert them into paying customers. So, be it an already established business or a startup, both can leverage the benefits of social media marketing via a strategic plan.

According to Link Humans, out of the 7.2 billion people on earth, 2.1 billion are active on social media, and among them, around 1.7 billion use social networks from a mobile device which is indicative of the fact that social media marketing holds ample of opportunities for marketers that they can utilize in their favor. The content shared on social media channels can help you fetch reaction which in turn may lead to a future site visit by the reactor or even a conversion.

No matter at what stage of your business you are. Growing social media audience always helps in the long-run. If you are one of them who haven’t decided on your social media strategy, then let us assist you in making your social media campaigns a success in just five simple steps. Here they are:

Have Active Profiles and Decorative Social Pages
To mark your social media presence, the first and foremost thing you need to do is design your social media profiles and pages in the most attractive and innovative way. Include branded cover photos and profile photos accompanied with contact details of your company, your location, and website link. Don’t forget to give a short bio on what products and services your business offers. Before starting to build your audience, share few updates and show some activity on your social profiles. You should be an active user.

Distribute Quality Content
As a startup, you need to build your audience and win their trust. Initial years will be a bit challenging, but when backed by the right strategy, success is not far away. Before going ahead with your digital marketing plans, make sure you have created your brand’s social profile and filled it with quality content. If not then you must right now. Share engaging and interesting content that can help you expand your network. Content in any form – may be a blog, video, infographic or a podcast, works wonder in capturing people’s audience and alluring them towards your business.

Leverage User-friendly Features
Social media channels have some innovative and helpful features which make operating such profiles easier for even the nontechies. Hence, even though you are a startup, don’t worry about not being able to catch up to the speed in which the world is moving. Just you need to utilize those user-friendly features and have the job done for you. For instance, while trying to network with Facebook users, you know via your brand’s account, search contacts using their email addresses. This feature of Facebook makes it simple to locate prospects and connect with them.

Add Social Network Icons on your Website and Emails
To increase your followers on social media channels, add official icons representing each network on your website either on the header, footer or the sidebar. All these official brand assets, badges, and buttons, you can get it from social media channels itself and also from stock images. Don’t forget to create professional signatures with social links and add it to your emails.

Utilize Cross-promotion Tactics
When you start having followers on Facebook, you can ask the same audience to follow your brand on other social accounts as well. A simple tweet asking members whether they are on Pinterest or Instagram and asking them to follow if they are on these social platforms can help in increasing your followers equally across all the channels. For a startup, cross-promotion strategy is a smarter move that can generate more audience in a go.
Hope, these tips will help grow your startup social media audience and help you build a large customer base, create brand awareness and better engage with your targeted audience.

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