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5 Super Tips To Promote Your Business On Flickr

Five super tips to promote your business on flickr

By Clara Lincy | Articles | July 11, 2017

When marketing your company online at social media sites, don’t forget Flickr, the photo sharing site owned by Yahoo. Flickr is a popular photo sharing website that allows you to organize, edit and share photos with millions of people around.

More than just being a website, you should think of Flickr as a community, one with a very strong and active user base. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, Flickr is currently the fastest-growing photo sharing site on the web, and the 5th most popular overall.

How does it work?

A Flickr account is free. Just, you will need a Yahoo ID to sign up. Once you have joined, adding photos to Flickr is done through a simple upload system. At any time you can look for Flickr groups to join. When adding photos to a group, make sure you read the group posting rules. Don’t add a photo of a widget to a group specifically for photos of doodads.

Now, if you are wondering how to start, here we go with 5 blasting tips to market your business using Flickr:

1.Get a screen name for your business:
Because your screen name is going to accompany every photo you upload, every message you post and anything else you do while using Flickr, it is important that it reflect what you do. Use your business name or website URL as your screen name.

2.Use your Flickr profile to promote your business:

When you sign up for an account with Flickr, you will get a profile page that you can customize. Build your profile page to include pertinent information about your business. Think about your Flickr profile page as a place for others to get information about your company, not a place where they are greeted with an in-your-face sales pitch that may turn them off.

Make sure your company logo, website and links to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages are prominently featured on your profile page so that potential customers can connect with you across social media platforms.

3.Upload photos of your products and services:

Where you recently hired to perform a service on behalf of a client? Upload photos of your employees at work on Flickr. Did your company take part in an event or roll out a new product? Make sure you share photos of it on Flickr. You can also share photos instructing others how to use your product. For instance, if you make and sell baked goods, why not use Flickr to display some of the photos of your baking process?

4.Describe your photo and Tag it wisely:

Whenever you upload a photo to Flickr, you have got to describe it. Use descriptive text that includes keywords for your business to provide information about each photo you upload. For example, if you are rolling a new product, make sure you describe the product, but also include your company name in it. You can also use tags to describe your photos. Make sure tags include the city where you do business, your website URL and even an email address of your company.

5.Join and contribute to groups:

No matter what you are taking pictures of, chances are there is a Flickr group with others who are already sharing photos of it. People who are active in Flickr groups tend to also be some of Flickr’s most active (and often influential) members. As a result, joining groups not only lets you be part of a greater community and conversation on a certain theme, it can often give you a direct connection to Flickr users who really matter. Remember, what you post into a group must be relevant and on topic or else you risk alienating yourself and your brand.

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