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5 Key Tactics for Maintaining Email Quality

5 Key Tactics for Maintaining Email Quality

By Angelina Smith | Blog | September 18, 2018

The success rate of any marketing endeavor depends on quality and email marketing campaigns is no different in that regard. If the content you represent and the overall presentation of the email are not up to the industry standards and does not adhere to the ethics of professionalism, then your campaign is likely to fail.

An incomplete or meaningless sentence accompanied with irrelevant content and confusing representation will take you a step closer to the failure of your email marketing efforts. An email with a contextual spelling or grammatical mistake, a broken link, or even with just a backend issue can be the reason behind decreasing response rate of your emails.

If you haven’t paid attention to the quality of your emails, then it’s high time you should. Your ultimate objective is to make your audience open your emails and feed them with information on what you offer. And, to get that high CTR, you need to fasten your strategies and try to take initiatives in making your email marketing a qualitative endeavor that can help in growing your business.

Here are five tactics using which you can easily maintain the quality of your emails, giving you desired results in return.

Proofread Your Email Content

You just cannot forward content without checking its relevance and accuracy. You need to double check its grammatical construction, design, quality, context, and validity before sending it to your clients. A little mistake can annoy your prospect and compel him to delete or ignore your email. You can proofread it using both software and human to be sure about what you publish.

Learn from Real-time User Feedback

Your job doesn’t end with sending the emails instead it gets extended. Once you have forwarded your email, you also need to know how it is performing because this feedback will help you track the performance of appropriate teams, inform you about where you are going wrong and prepare you for conducting better email campaigns in the days to come. For instance, if a user experiences difficulty while navigating the product landing page, it is through customer feedback loop that you get to know about it. And hence based on the review you can immediately work with your social media team to provide fast assistance. By setting up a loop via Slack and others, you can make real-time user feedback actionable for your organization’s welfare.

Quality Checks and Balancing is Must

Before finalizing an email, you should not forget to do the conduct the process of checks and balances. It can be done by a team who can review all the variables, and ensure the quality of the final product. In short, you need a designer to check email rendering across clients and implements all links, tracking, alt tags, etc. Along with this, he will also perform the task of loading the HTML into the email platform. The QA experts then test how viable variables are across possible use cases in the production setup.

Your primary project manager can be of great help as he can assist you in checking the deployment of different variables. This will ensure that the final versions reach any necessary stakeholders at the right time. And last but not the least comes the proof reader whose final consent approves the email content.

Review Samples in Detail

Once the final copy is ready, don’t forget to review it. You need to make sure that everything is according to what you wanted. Before hitting the send button, you can do a quality check by sending it to your employees. Within the company only, you can test your email and make use of that valuable response from them to fill the loopholes if any.

Reduce Use of Automated Tools

Using automated tools to handle your copywriting task is not the right thing to do. If you want your content to draw attention, then focus more on the manual creation of content. Content that automation tools create hampers the quality and consistency of your email strategy. All your efforts can go in vain. Automation lacks emotional understanding and is not able to think from the perspective of what readers find interesting.
Use these tips along with your sheer understanding of what you should do and what not. Hope these ideas can help you to turn your email marketing campaigns into a profitable one.


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