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4 Key Strategies to Increase the Volume of Qualified Leads

4 Key Strategies to Increase the Volume of Qualified Leads

By Clara Lincy | Blog | August 21, 2018

You may have gotten off to a good start having found the sweet spot where progressive growth in web traffic is evident along with a steady stream of prospects that are filling up the sales pipeline. You may feel good that your sales team is securing promising deals. However, despite picking up momentum with inbound marketing, you may be reluctant to settle with what you receive.

Not sure what to do next? This write-up will serve as a guide to amplify qualified inbound leads.
Marketers are seen fully exploiting email marketing and social media channels to create content every quarter and promoting them through unique landing pages. If you have already incorporated responsive design to render content for mobile and desktop but still looking for a dollop of leads, here are some ideas to get the right results.

Turning marketing content into sales driver

Every sales rep encounters a situation where they fail to convert quality leads into a customer. Many attributes contribute to the failed deals. For example, approaching prospects at the wrong time or overlooking the immediate requirements of businesses can make the engagement vulnerable.

Give your sales team the ideal marketing intelligence that enables them to make a headstrong approach to prospects through email. You can incentivize your audience with videos and thought-provoking knowledge bits whenever they express common objections.

Take care to maintain a realistic conversation that will derive the right values even if visitors arrive at your site without immediate buying intent. You can offer resources to visitors that are available to your current customers. By doing so, you may luckily turn a visitor into a prospect. Serve content that reinforces sales marketing.

Consolidating offline and online activities

Attending trade shows, breakfast briefings, conferences, or networking events where you get to meet and greet professionals of great prominence is a proven way to find the right audience; it increases the chances of securing profitable deals because nothing beats the effectiveness of looking for like-minded individuals in the places where they are likely to be found. Many businesses are already leveraging this method to acquire email addresses and other contact details to solidify relations with prospective customers.

Often, deal closures do not happen in a jiffy. Perhaps, people that express the interest may not warm up to the marketer’s offerings immediately. Instead, request email addresses and seek permission to share data-driven insights, articles, and other information-rich content that will bring the right values to recipients.

The objective must be to bring the offline audience onto the landing pages through email marketing campaigns to help them stay updated and make informed decisions that will bring mutual benefits to marketers and buyers. Aim to provide better values to people you meet and greet.

Incentivizing employees for lead referrals

You should never undermine team efforts because every small contribution leads to a more significant outcome. Make the teams aware that how vital their contribution is whenever they close a deal. Also, you can announce incentive programs for referrals brought in by the employees. The promise of additional bonus can motivate employees to pass down referral leads to the sales team.

On successful deal closure, the employee responsible for the conversions should get gifts and appreciations as a reward for their efforts. The trend is noticeable across many firms where various professionals pitch in to capture deals instead of the sales reps.

In a nutshell, the sales reps aren’t the only people responsible for the closing of transactions. Promote a culture where employees are unhesitant to stay aligned with the sales teams.

Requesting referrals from customers

Check on your existing customers by inquiring about their welfare and reminding them to take advantage of offers and discounts. Moreover, you can seek feedback from them through a short survey and fills outs. Thus the information you get from such a survey will enable you to identify the areas that need improvement.

You can ask questions to customers at the end of fill out to know if they would refer your brand to a friend. If they agree, this will help you to expand your reach to a broader audience.

Personalization has a unique value in B2B businesses. And as a part of it, you can show small gestures that will make the customer feel special. For instance, you can offer gratitude to a customer filling the form for devoting their time for the same. This will help you to win customer loyalty and encourage favorable opinion about your brand.

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