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3 Tips: Email Campaign to Boom Click-Through Rates

how to increase CTR

By Clara Lincy | Articles | July 11, 2017

Click through rate is one of the effective matrices of email marketing. As an email marketer, the following metrics is a successful strategy to maximize the success of your opt-in email marketing campaigns. Placing links in the email is one way to encourage your audience to interact with your message. It also helps to use those links and drive your readers back your website.

But how do you get them to click through? Here are 3 tips to get you started:

1. More Clarity:

It’s known that the email marketing creates a strong foundation for bridging the gap between the audience and your website, but it is often your links that brings your audience to your site. Even by providing clear benefits and a benefit-oriented URL, it’s still easy for the reader to misunderstand the overall purpose of the link.

Put emphasis on clarity by developing your content and imagery that supports your links properly. For example, a link that states “Get a money-saving coupon” could benefit from one or two sentences about how much they might be saving, any limitations they should be aware of, etc. Create as much transparency as possible when telling your readers what they can expect once they’ve clicked the link. This will help improve your click-through rate as well as create good favor from your audience.

2.Quality of Content:

Sending email is not enough. The content of the email should be that commanding so your customers can go through it. When you targeting specific industries, then make sure the quality of your content is relevant to your prospect and appeals to their interests. This will surely increase the click-through rate your emails.

Your emails should be engaging if you want to make sure that your readers are happy to find your emails in their inbox and that they are excited to open them up. Creating compelling content is the only way to make sure that your readers are interested in your emails and once they have opened your email – make sure you provide them with a clear call to action to encourage them to click through on the links.

3. Compatible with HTML Code:

Checking HTML coding is one of the basic steps and the most significant one of email marketing. Many times, some email platforms do not read and render HTML codes as well as others so your prospects might see a jumbled up email instead to send them. This is where the problem occurs because there is every chance that your prospects will see a jumbled up email instead of what you intended to send them. This can even lead to stop getting your email for the moment, and sometimes they never get back to it at a later time.

If your list is active and you are sending emails with compelling content, then you will have no problem making sure your emails are being delivered. Step two works hand in hand with step one so make sure that you control both if you want to manage a successful email marketing campaign.

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