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11 Halloween Marketing Tricks for the Spooky Season


By Clara Lincy | Articles | October 22, 2019

We are approaching the spookiest celebration of the year that will soon translate consumers into the Halloween mode. It gives brands a perfect chance to discover potential clients and draw shoppers to their online store or website with hauntingly engaging marketing ideas.

Halloween provides a fantastic opportunity for brands to get more business and grow the customer base. Like any other festive season, Halloween is a popular one in the United States that engages a broader audience of all ages, from children to adults. People look for offers and best deals to add to their Halloween celebrations. This, in a way, marks the beginning of the celebrations season, which is later followed by Black Friday and Christmas. Brands can develop strategies around the Halloween theme to connect with the clients.

Businesses with all kinds of a budget can explore Halloween marketing opportunities. Small businesses may not have huge budgets like big brands. However, they can try innovative and cost-effective ideas to get people excited about the festive offers.

Here is a list of eleven scary-good marketing tricks that businesses can deploy for their Halloween promotions:

Incorporate Halloween Theme in Your Email Marketing

Getting noticed in the crow of Halloween promotional gimmicks isn’t easy for a brand. However, email marketing with Halloween theme and a relevant offer can help brands connect and promote their messages to the audience. For instance, dentist can run an email campaign alerting the customers about the risks of consuming too many candy on Halloween and what type of candy should their children avoid. Businesses can send Halloween themed email marketing campaigns with useful tips to their targeted customers that they might find relevant. The inclusion of exclusive discounts along with valuable content can make your email extremely effective in engaging the audience.

Throughout the year and even during festive occasions, email marketing continues to be the perfect and result-driven medium for brands to boost sales, increase brand awareness, and generate responses. However, one thing should be taken care of and that happens to be avoiding any sudden or extreme changes to your email frequency or introducing an additional mailing during the celebrations. This is because when subscribers signed to receive email communications they agreed to promises made at that time and if you increase the frequency for festive marketing, customers might find it annoying.

Give Spooky Touch to Your Google Ads

Throughout the year, brands have a standard set of keywords that they target in Google Ads. However, on the occasion of Halloween, brands can modify the ad copy and can target Halloween specific keywords to get the top position in the search results during the celebration.

Here are some tips on what modifications should brand add to their Halloween exclusive Google Ads:

Keyword Research

Targeting Halloween specific keywords may be a little expensive. However, if you want your brand campaign to pop up when anyone searches for seasonal keywords like Halloween, then you have to do your research for relevant keywords and target them in your Google Ads.

Modify Ad Copy


Even though you don’t have the budget to target Halloween keywords, you can still modify your ad copy where you can use topics related to Halloween. But make sure that the words used are relevant to your products or the industry.

Include Special Offers

Promoting your products with some special offers on Halloween can prove useful. Running Google Ads that highlight exciting Halloween offers can drive traffic to your site. The promotional Ad should be time-specific so that it creates a sense of urgency among the audience. Include the offer expiry date in the campaign to encourage people to make quick purchase decisions to avail the limited period offer.

Run a Themed Social Media Campaign

Brands tweak their social media campaigns based on occasions, festivals and big events. While we see most businesses focus more on events like Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and more, many forget about Halloweens. If you are one of them, then it’s time to buckle up your Halloween marketing and it should begin with social media campaigns.

It’s Halloween, and you need to adjust your brand’s social media strategy accordingly to keep pace with the festive spirit. A themed campaign on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. can work wonders for your brand this holiday season. Make regular posts related to Halloween to spread the message that you are up to some exciting deals for the occasion.

Launch Location-Based Campaigns

For region-specific exposure, businesses can run geo-targeted or location-based campaigns on Halloween to alert people of a particular area about the promotional offers. It is not necessary that brands need a mobile app to geo-target the audience. They can do so even with social media campaigns that can be customized as per the location of the targeted customers. Also, Google Ads comes with the location option that helps improve your brand’s Halloween campaign visibility to the customers of a specific region.

Add Fun Element to Your Halloween Contest

Running holiday contests is a great way to engage with the audience and tap into the opportunities that user-generated content (UGC) offers. Many leading brands and corporations are already taking advantage of UGC as it helps in getting the right exposure and audience reach. During Halloween, brands can run contests on social media and encourage the participants to use a particular hashtag that your brand has created and ask them to share the post within their network. On social media platforms like Facebook, brands can promote contests through paid campaigns and fetch user-generated content that can further be used in the future.

Include gifts or coupons with your Halloween themed contest. You can either offer prize to top three winners on meeting the content requirements like post sharing, using related hashtags, etc. or can keep the main prize. However, make sure that not only the winners even content entrants go back winning some online voucher or coupon at least and doesn’t end up with empty hands.

Campaign for Halloween at the Right Time 

If you have plans to launch Halloween campaigns promoting your brand and its holiday offers, then you need to have some clear strategies in mine regarding the campaign timing.

Timing is the key to the success of your Halloween campaign, and hence, reaching out to your B2B customers with the promotional campaign at the right time is essential. As per Google Trends data, the search for Halloween term reaches its peak in the weak before Halloween. It means that businesses need to conduct Halloween special campaigns in the last week of October, the week leading to 31st October.

Brands can post Halloween related content, including blogs, videos, social media content, and run themed email campaigns throughout October, especially during the last few days. Also, you need to ensure that your holiday marketing efforts don’t go overboard with posting Halloween themed content only. Depending on your content schedule, you can post two to three posts for the holiday season in a week but not more than that. Even your Halloween related Google Ads can be started from the beginning of October until the final day.

Show Your Halloween Spirit with Email Newsletter

If you have an email list of subscriber to your newsletter, then Halloween is the time to make the best use of it. You can send Halloween themed content and promotional offers like discount vouchers and coupon code to the customers to let them know about your holiday deals and encourage them to visit your site or purchase your products to avail the offer.

Make Use of Hashtags

Proper social media hashtags on your Halloween post can make your brand trending in no time. That’s the power of hashtags, which, when utilized for promoting your Halloween campaign, can help in engaging the audience and spreading awareness on your seasonal offerings. Also, using the hashtags, you can keep track of what content your followers are sharing, liking, and responding to.

Create a seasonal hashtag on the Halloween theme and ask your followers to use the same with relevant posts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Conduct Trick-or-Treat Events

When we talk about Halloween, the widely popular tradition that comes to the mind is trick-or-treat. Many brands incorporate the particular tradition into their marketing campaigns to draw attention. Not only B2C companies, even B2B companies can conduct a trick0or-treat event by offering small Halloween themed treats or gifts to customers on their purchase. This will leave a memorable impact on the shoppers who will remember your Halloween special marketing efforts in the long-run.

Giving free themed gifts as part of a trick-or-treat event can keep your audience hooked to your brand during the festive season.

Develop a Spooky Video

Videos can be an interesting addition to your Halloween marketing campaigns. In recent times, videos have proved to be an effective communication channel for brands to convey their brand messages online to the targeted audience. Hence, developing spooky videos as part of your Halloween marketing strategy can help you get the much-needed attention of the customers.

Businesses can take advantage of YouTube and other online video platforms to run their Halloween promotions to keep people engaged with the brand. Relevant to your company and the products you offer, you can create a spooky video with a scary storyline or something similar.

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