10 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Mobile-Friendly      

10 Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Mobile-Friendly

By admin | Infographics | February 12, 2021

Email marketing is counted to be the number 1 marketing method that every marketer chooses, be it in the B2B industry or B2C industry. However, as the world advances and becomes more concerned about convenience, we have become more open to using mobiles than laptops or desktops.

This gives email marketing a new framework to work in as the emails must be designed keeping the mobile users in mind. How to fix the meaning on a small screen can get tricky.

Here we are with different ways to make your email marketing campaigns more mobile-friendly.

X Ways to Make Your Email Marketing More Mobile-Friendly-Infographics for ESalesData

1. Prompt & Concise Subject Line:

The mobile screen only shows 25 to 30 characters, so squeeze the word count. Keeping the subject line concise will catch the subscriber’s attention.

2. Be Unique with the Pre-header Text:

If you give a summary to the audience, the chances for them to read the email increases. Therefore, choose to be unique with the pre-header text.

3. Never Skip Personalization:

In recent times, personalization is all that matters to avoid bounce rate. Don’t refer to them as a general audience; show them you know them!

4. CTA Should be a Priority:

In the end, your purpose is to sell your product or service. Keep the CTA just at the right place, so the audience does not miss out on noticing it.

5. Ask for their Opinion:

company-client relationship should be a blend of both (educating and listening). Do not simply share the news with them. Rather ask for their opinion and take a poll.

6. Focus on Graphics:

To keep your emails mobile-friendly, choose to focus on graphics rather than just text. A clean design of graphics can do what text cannot on small screens.

7. Choose the Right Color Pallet:

Well, colors play a major role on mobile screens. Choose the right pallet for your email marketing campaigns that engage the audience.

8. Keep the Format Simple:

Mobile screens can get really crowded if the format doesn’t ease the text and images. It is recommended to use a simple format, preferably a single column layout, for your email campaign.

9. Keep the Pixels Less:

having more pixels can be a drawback for your campaign. For desktop and laptop, you must have 600 or lesser pixels. It should be even lesser for mobile phones as the email should not look like a large chunk.

10. Font matters too:

The text should be less, and the font should be big enough to be easily read. Font adds grace to the content; therefore, use the right size and style.

Wrapping Up!

As mobile is becoming an organ to the human body, what else could be a better platform than emails to approach your leads. With the right strategy and mobile-friendly hacks, you will surely get overwhelming response and engagement.

On that note, we hope these mentioned points will add value to your next campaign and make it a major success.


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