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10 Powerful Ways to Generate Sales Leads for Your B2B Business

10 methods to generate sales leads

By Clara Lincy | Articles | August 17, 2017

In the present times, whether B2B or B2C market, lead generation sources are many and are not limited to a single touchpoint. Sales organizations are wholly dependent upon the leads to sustain profitable operations. In this write-up, I will be covering 10 ideal ways to generate sales leads in business. This article is focused on targeting inbound, and outbound leads using some of the proven strategies. You can leverage these ideas to increase your sales volume whether it is IT-Sales Leadstechnology sales leads, Real Estate Sales Leads, or more.

Improve your ROI with these 10 lead generation methods:
1. Lead generation business
If your CRM repository is partially filled or lacks qualified b2b sales leads, you may have to allocate marketing budget towards email list that will assist your efforts to find and engage leads that can be converted in the sales pipeline. However, a purchased list is no exception to niggles that manifest while being utilized in multi-channel reach out programs. Here are the typical concerns that stay on top of marketers mind:
• Dated prospect data
• Purchasing leads pre-existing in the CRM
• Finding leads that are already converted
• Finding leads that are outside the scope of Acceptable Use Policy

Use of technology to improve the data fidelity has led to a paradigm shift in the use of email list. Here is a list of familiar names in the B2B industry known to provide highly accurate and segmented email list:
• eSalesData
• InfoUSA
• ThomsonData
• MedicoReach
• Hoovers
• DiscoverOrg

2. Search Engine Optimization
It is an utmost priority to move up in the search engine results. A tremendous amount of SEO optimizations is warranted from time to time so that the pages you create are visible to the right audience through better rankings. Keywords are traffic drivers which make them a fundamental aspect of SEO optimizations to drive inbound sales. Here are some popular SEO tools that provide SEO marketers a comprehensive dashboard for tracking and augmenting the sales performance:
• Moz
• SEO PowerSuite
• Majestic
• Screaming Frog
• Ahrefs
• Google search console

3. Landing Pages for sites
Landing pages serve a particular purpose to assist visitors who arrive on the website in search of the solution. A typical landing page may represent offers, forms, trials, and more. It is recommended to place landing pages within your servers so that the traffic from outbound campaigns is not diverted to facilitators. If you are setting up landing pages on third party sources, you may never receipt the benefits of SEO optimizations because your campaigns may dilate the SEO rankings of the facilitators alone.

4. Webinar
Webinars are soon becoming part and parcel of B2B engagements because it lets the presenters engage with customers by discussing subjects that provide technical insight on niche challenges. Webinars are executed with visually appealing slides with rich information or as an interview based presentation.
Explore these trusted webinar solutions for growing your influence:
• BrightTalk
• ClickWebinar
• Webinato
• GoToWebinar
• Cisco WebEx

5. Blog posts
Blogs are an excellent source of traffic generation. Information rich write-ups can attract the relevant audience by providing value to people that consume information for addressing the challenges. If you can produce high-quality content with lead-magnet properties, it can be promoted on other websites that are willing to provide backlinks.

6. Technical Whitepaper
Whitepaper calls the attention of technical minds into report based content that will guide marketers out of the particular set of challenges. A white paper is crafted with the intent to serve the audience with rich technical know-how by breaking down a challenge to its fundamental state and outlining the steps that can lead to successful outcome.

7. B2B Directories
Business listings are essential for getting noticed in shrinking markets. Especially, for B2B industries scalability is an important aspect. A majority of smart businesses obtain leads by advertising values and getting listed in the online directories. If you intend to get listed across B2B directories, here are some responsive sources:
• Capterra
• Software Advice
• SaaS Genius
• G2Crowd
• GetApp
• CabinetM

8. Press Releases
Increase your inbound sales lead volume by creating Press Releases to promote your services and products. Ask veteran PR experts, and you will be told how effective a well-crafted Press Release can be for driving traffic to the site. If you are looking for cost effective, but reliable press release sites, I recommend you to consider these sources:
• PR NewsWire
• Market Wired
• Business Wire
• NewsWire
• Cision

9. Referral program
Referrals are one of the few true sources of lead generation. Whether it’s customers, professionals, or partners; referrals can add new leads into the sales pipeline. Start referring leads by exploring these amazing sites:

• Invite Referrals
• Influitive
• Extole
• Unbounce
• InviteBox
• Everfave
• Incentivit
• Vocal References

10. Prioritize Current Customers
It is proven that existing customers can bring more value to the business because happy customers stay loyal and it takes little efforts for marketers to keep old customers connected while it costs time and money to prepare a new audience for conversion. Nurturing the relationship with old customers can incentivize your progress in the long run because not only do they return for repeat business but they can influence their peers to become your customers.

Often, lead generation is oversimplified because it is wrongly interpreted as a run of the mill job to find people to buy your products and services. Many companies continue to thrive off on the momentum generated by inbound source alone. An effective method of lead generation is to have multiple sources of where marketers can continuously tap should the other source run dry.
In the last 30 years, innovation in B2B lead generation progressed at crawling speeds until the more recent influence of Big Data. It has drastically transformed the marketer’s quest for finding new customers.



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